Speech 6: Vocal Variety — Words to my Sister

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Words to my Sister

*Good Evening everyone! For those who are unfamiliar, I am Qing Ping or most commonly known as QP. The very proud *and very overwhelmed baby brother of our glamorous Bride tonight. I want to start off by congratulating my sister and my new brother in law for their happy union, and to thank all present for coming here to partake in my family’s joyous occasion!

**Words *cant *express the delight that I feel, standing here sharing this wondrous moment with my sister and my family. I am proud to know that my sister has found her true partner which can accompany her through this journey of life. One that has the *courage and respect to work with her unwavering and fiery spirit, and one that has a tenderness and grace to care for my sister with a loving heart. Thank you Weng Keong for giving this happiness to my sister, I have never seen her ever more radiant whenever she is with you. And I wish you guys the best of moments together.

Growing up with my big sister, I was always her BABY Brother, and she has taken care of me with a compassion and vigor that only older sisters of the Tiger year would understand. I’ve always looked up you Jie, as not only as my role model in life, but the one that would pioneer any challenge and clean up any uncertainty in my road to the future. You have always been the first among us. The first to learn in overcoming the unending house chores, the first explore, in venturing out overseas to study and work. *And now the first to get married and to be on this path of bonded eternity that many have told me to dread. And as always I will be here, wishing you well for this new journey and being there right behind you if ever need be.
I have to say, looking back at our childhood with our 5 year gap we have always lived in different phases of our lives. I used to remember when I first stepped into secondary school, you were already taking your SATs and preparing to fly off to a university in America. And after the long years of your return, that when it was my turn to go to another continent. We somehow always ended up being separated, separated by continents, by age and by maturity. And in the process I have come to realise that I’ve always been *rushing, and rushing and rushing to grow up with you. To hope that one day we could share our experiences one day and finally interact at the same level in life.

However, growing up through this, it gave me a new found appreciation for the time we spent in Singapore together. *This was the first time in our adult lives that we were able to live together, *free from the reign of our parents and *hungry to explore a new city of Singapore together. It was an amazing year we had, setting up our own Bootcamp workout empire, going through our sporadic cooking and shopping cycles, and also hunting for the next best restaurant to quench our palette. The crazy moments we had *like the time I promised not to tell our parents when you got drunk, rolled down the stairs and crashed into someone at a whisky bar on Amoy street. Or the time when we were travelling and I was down with a fever, and you stayed up at the bed side all night to take care of me. I cherish these experiences and the memories we made.

*And I just want to use tonight to thank you. **To thank you for giving me the pleasure of being your BABY Brother and for sharing the last 25 years with me. I know I was a brat for the first half of it, and studying overseas for the second half. But thank you for being my mentor, in showing me what its like to follow your passion, and for showing me love with all the sacrifices you have made for me. These lessons have brought me up and helped me to shine. And I am the man standing here tonight, thanks to having a big sister like you to aspire to.

And to Weng Keong my sisters faithful partner to be. I know we have been separated by geography, but I am happy that you are able to join my family here in Penang and find a new home away from home. I would like to thank you not only for taking care of my sister, but also for your love to my family as well. We are ever grateful to have your jovial heart with us.

**So please raise your glass with me tonight while I toast my sister and brother-in-law.

You both have lived your lives as separate amazing individuals, *but together I hope your lives will be complete. Just remember to embrace the peaks and the dips of this roller coaster ride together, for I know that it will be one heck of a ride with my sister in tow. A toast to good health and ever pleasant memories. May you enjoy each day as if it was your first and Cherish every moment together. Cheers!

This was a very personal speech for me, a dedication to my sister’s once in a lifetime wedding. I really enjoyed writing this speech, revisiting our childhood memories of our past, exploring the shared experiences that only our family understands and looking back at all the moments and memories that I appreciated with my sister. I guess for me, there was a lot of apprehension for her wedding, it is again another phase of life that she will be jumping into. But yes I really enjoyed having the time to tell her what she means to me.

Exploring vocal variety here was a bit tough, I didnt want to sound overly dramatic for this speech, but I used it to bring about some dynamism into the speech. Not something that I get accustomed to, but to the more dramatic Toastmaster speakers, they are able to take a story to the next level.

Originally published at qpskpii.wordpress.com on June 3, 2017.

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